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Get a Roof That Rocks

Choosing a new roof can seem like a very difficult decision. After all, your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. Not only does it do the important job of keeping you sheltered and protected from the elements, but it’s also very visible. The wrong roof can be very unattractive, and the right roof can make your home look like a million bucks. When I started researching roof replacement options for my home, I was overwhelmed by all the choices. But when I started learning how to match roofing materials to my home’s overall look, it got a lot easier. That’s when I decided to start a blog about roofing materials and styles. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, this blog will help narrow down your choices and find the roof that’s right for you.


Maintenance Tasks To Keep Your Street Sweeper In Great Shape

If you have recently purchased a street sweeping machine and have acquired a bid through your town or city that allows you to clean the streets, then you are probably looking forward to your new career. You likely understand that your street sweeping machine is your best tool and investment. This means that regular maintenance is required to keep it in good condition. Keep reading to learn about a few tips to help keep your street sweeping machine in great shape. Read More 

Trouble Breathing After Relocating To A Humid Climate? How Can You Find Relief?

If you've recently relocated to the coastal South from a drier, more arid climate, you may have had some trouble adjusting to the high levels of heat and humidity that can occasionally take your breath away. However, for those who deal with real breathing difficulties -- such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), asthma, or allergies -- this humidity can feel (and be) downright oppressive. Short of returning to your old climate, do you have any options that won't leave you feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest? Read More 

The Shocking Truth About Electric Shock Drowning: Marine Construction Tips For Marina Owners

As a marina owner, you need to ensure that there are plenty of docks to accommodate boat owners with whom you do business. More importantly, you need to ensure that your docks provide a power source, considering that many boats rely on the power of electricity. However, docks with 120-volt power supplies can pose the risk of electric shock drowning. The good news is, there are some marine constructions tips that can help you avoid those risks. Read More 

Understanding The Difference Between Water Damage Mitigation And Water Damage Repair

If you experience severe water damage due to flooding, you will likely have to hire a professional water damage repair company to help return your home to a safe, livable state. Before you hire a company, it is important that you understand the difference between water damage mitigation and water damage repair.   What is water mitigation?  Water damage mitigation is the process of removing excess water from your home. It is generally done using specialized pumps, fans, and heating equipment. Read More 

Getting Your Wood Fence Through The Winter: Necessary Protections

As the cold winter weather approaches, it's time to start thinking about what that season can bring for your wooden fence. Unfortunately, winter weather can batter your fence and leave it cracked, worn or otherwise damaged. If you want to be sure that your fence gets through the winter season with minimal wear and tear, you need to be proactive. The steps you take before cold weather hits can make all the difference. Read More