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Three Signs Your Business's Parking Lot Is Ready For A Sealcoating

An asphalt parking lot can last many years, but its longevity is tied to proper maintenance. And the most important part of maintenance is a sealcoating for the surface. This coating is mostly a tar mixture that is applied to the asphalt surface, but when you do this as a routine part of your property's upkeep, it will extend the life of your parking lot's surface to the fullest. Here are a few things to look for that will alert you to the need for a sealcoating.

The appearance of small pebbles

As asphalt wears down, it will often leave small granules of asphalt. Some of this may be carried away on the tread of car tires, but there will be some left behind. This may be more noticeable on the edges of the parking lot where the asphalt meets a cement sidewalk or around the edges of cement parking blocks. If left alone, it can become so bad that it seems like portions of your parking lot need to be swept. You don't want to wait until it reaches this phase. Once you begin to notice this disintegration, you need to call for an estimate on sealcoating.

The surface is showing one or more cracks

Small cracks should not be ignored. It may seem harmless, but small cracks can turn into large cracks, and they usually do. When this happens, you will need a major repair. Large cracks penetrate deep into your asphalt surface, and they will require an asphalt repair. Small cracks can be fixed using the same material used for sealcoating. A repair like this will not look pretty, but it will prevent the problem from getting worse. However, small cracks are a sign that you need to have a new sealcoating done, so it is usually best to go ahead and have this done.

A color change on the surface

No asphalt will stay that same deep black color it once was when it was first laid down, but you will still be able to tell that it is black in color. Once the surface starts to look more like a gray than a black color, it is time to sealcoat the asphalt. Sometimes this will happen before there is any deterioration of the surface. In this case, it is the perfect time to have your parking lot sealcoated.

Sealcoating is an important part of maintaining your parking lot. How often this should be done is dependent upon the weather in your area, and the amount of traffic the surface is subjected to, but keeping the information above in mind should be helpful.

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