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Posted by on 12:17 pm in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Myths And Facts About Couriers That Every New Small Business Owner Needs To Know

If you are a new business owner today, you may think that you only have a few shipping options with the well known companies. You have likely heard of courier companies but may think of them as only useful for occasional urgent deliveries of medical or legal documents. Meanwhile, you are watching those expensive shipping charges from the “Big Guys” eat away at your profits. The truth is that many new business owners like you have misconceptions about what couriers can truly do. Here are some common myths about couriers debunked along with some facts on how couriers can help you save money and improve your customer satisfaction.  Myth: Couriers All Ride Bicycles and Only Hand-Deliver Documents Many movies and television shows based in the early to mid 1900s have scenes that display a town courier on a bicycle weaving in and out of traffic to deliver an important document. While bicycle couriers still exist and are great options for speedy deliveries in traffic-laden cities, not all couriers ride bicycles and specialize in hand-delivering documents.  One additional type of courier service is a pallet courier. These services have fleets of trucks that can deliver your pallets of goods to companies you may be supplying. This can help you quickly get a pallet (or several) to a client on the fly. You don’t have to fill up the truck or pay for an entire truckload if you are only shipping a pallet or two; instead, the cost of delivering the shipment is split up among all businesses that have pallets in the truck. This leads to fast delivery for an often very low charge.  Other large items can also be transported by couriers, including fitness equipment, industrial equipment, and furniture. As with pallets, you can quickly get a large item to its destination, whether that destination is another company or a customer, without paying the premium price the big-name shipping companies charge. This type of product can also share the truck with the products of other companies, which is called called freight pooling, and the delivery charge can then also be split.  International couriers provide similar services, but shipments overseas are performed by air or sea.  Myth:  Private Courier Companies are More Expensive than Big Name Shipping Options Now that you know what services couriers provide in the 21st century, you may expect that those services come at a premium price tag. While it is true that just like with other shipping options, you will likely pay more for same-day express shipping through a courier than you will for shipping a package at the courier’s convenience, all options are likely to cost much less than the big shipping companies. The reasons for this are plentiful, but one of the largest reasons is that courier services know that they are not only competing with the “Big Guys,” but also with other local couriers. In the end, the competition drives the prices down, and you get better, faster service from couriers for less money. You also only pay for the space your product takes up in the truck, as already mentioned. The big shipping companies never know what will be in their trucks until the last minute, so they charge high fees that help keep them profitable even if they end up with...

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