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Laminated Safety Glass: The Reason Broken Windshields Don’t Often Cause Injuries

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If you’ve ever thrown a ball through a home window as a child, you’re probably aware of the danger that shards of glass present. Typical windows often break into dozens of these sharp, dangerous pieces that make cleaning up after an accident difficult. If you’ve experienced this, you might expect that auto accidents would result in a literal explosion of sharp projectiles lacerating everything in the area. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. That’s because auto glass is made out of laminated safety glass. To...

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How To Replace A Broken Window Pane In A Wooden Window

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The charm of an old-fashioned wooden window can add a lot of warmth to a home. However, as with a lot of things in older homes, wooden windows can present some significant challenges for homeowners. One of the trickiest repairs to make on an old window is replacing broken glass panes. In some cases, buying a new window may make the most sense depending on the age and condition of the old window. However, it is definitely possible to replace broken glass yourself; it takes patience and using the right tools and materials to be successful, but...

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3 Strange Heater Smells And What They Mean

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Of your five senses, your sense of smell is probably the most powerful. Your nose is more sensitive than either your eyes or your ears. That may be why your sense of smell is connected to your memory. Your sense of smell can come in handy when it comes to detecting problems with appliances – like your heater – in your home. Your nose is able to pick up on problems that aren’t visible and that can’t be seen, and because smell is connected to memory, you’ll probably be able to make the connection between the smell and the...

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Planning A Kitchen Renovation? Avoid These 3 Formerly Hot Trends

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Is your once trendy and glamorous kitchen starting to look worn and outdated? If so, you might be considering ripping out those outdated cabinets and tired looking laminate floors and replacing them with the hottest, top of the line materials from sites like However, before you start looking for inspiration at your local home improvement store, or your friend’s kitchen you’ve always secretly envied, here are a few trends that were once hot, and are now, definitely on their way out: Making Your...

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2 Things To Look For In Your Next Garage Door Opener

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If your garage door sputters to a halt, don’t despair. Although a failing appliance might seem like a massive inconvenience, it offers you the opportunity to replace that worn-out garage door opener for a new and improved version. Here are two things to look for in your next garage door opener, and why you might start celebrating the day your old version went kaput. 1: Diagnostic Controls Nothing is worse than pulling up to your house in the middle of a rainstorm, and then struggling with an unresponsive garage door. After running...

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Never Be Cold Again With Radiant Floor Heat

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There are not too many things as bad as having to walk on the cold bathroom floors when you are headed to the shower each morning. Even in your slippers, the cold from the tile seems to ooze up through the soles of your feet. Fortunately, there is a better way. With radiant heat flooring, your bathroom floors, as well as your bathroom, can be already warm when you get there. Not only will this make your first few steps into the bathroom a pleasure, but it will also make the time you spend after you get out of the shower enjoyable as well. If...

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How To Keep Lock Keys From Increasing Your Security Risk

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If you run a small business, then you have a strong appreciation for how important it is to secure your property. There are numerous methods you can keep your possessions out of the hands of thieves: silent alarms, security bars, glass breakage detectors, motion sensors and deadbolt locks are just a few possibilities. However, no security measures taken, no matter how sophisticated, can protect your property if thieves can access your property by simply unlocking your doors. That is why it is so important for you to exercise the utmost of...

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Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing May Be The Answer To Your Design Challenges

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If you are a business owner, nothing is more exciting than designing your own commercial building. This gives you the ability to make your commercial building look unique. The only problem you may run into with a non-standard design is the type of roofing you will use. Some of the standard commercial types of roofing do not work well with non-standard building designs. Do not worry, spray polyurethane foam roofing will not only fit on any type of design you have, but it may even give you a better R-value than some of the other products out...

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4 Ways Keyless Locks Can Benefit Your Business

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The traditional door lock hasn’t changed much over the past century. On the other hand, your business’s security needs are always evolving and unfortunately, it’s getting harder for ordinary locks to keep up. Keyless locks offer several distinct advantages over their traditional counterparts that can benefit your business and its security needs: You Have a Wide Variety of Locks to Choose from Based on Your Security Needs The keyless lock market is filled to the brim with a wide variety of different lock types, each tailored...

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What You Need To Know About Dirty Well Water If You Have A Well

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In the United States, over 15 million households rely on well water for cooking, cleaning and drinking. The water that is found in wells has been filtered naturally through the ground, which is why it’s called ground water. Ground water collects in cavern-like holes underground which are called aquifers. Usually, this water is clean and refreshing to drink. However, sometimes, things happen that can cause the water to be suddenly dirty. If your water comes from a well, it’s a good idea to understand what could cause your water to...

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