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3 Ways To Reduce Stress On Your Plumbing Pipes

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Whether you live in an old house or a new one, there are precautions you can take that may help you avoid plumbing problems in the future. While there are dozens of problems you can have with your plumbing system, one problem involves worn-out pipes. There are things you can do to control the wear and tear on your pipes, and taking these steps might help you avoid leaks and broken pipes. Here are three tips to help you reduce the amount of stress you place on the pipes in your house. Reduce Your Water Pressure The first way to prevent...

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How to Deal with a Leaky Roof—Without the Panic

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If the rain isn’t going to let up anytime soon, a leaking roof becomes a point of serious concern. Water damage is one of the hardest issues a homeowner has to deal with, and the damage can’t be repaired until the sky stops giving your house a shower. Taking the proper steps can help you remain safe and minimize the damage until things dry out.  Determine the Extent of the Damage The first step in dealing with the leak is to find out exactly what has gone wrong. Unfortunately, this is easiest to do while the water is...

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3 Common And Costly Ways Homeowners Ruin Plumbing

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As a homeowner, you are probably familiar with the different tasks to clean and maintain your home. From pressure washing your home’s exterior and mowing the grass to replacing roofing shingles and cleaning your carpet, it is easy to see the stressful nature of owning a home. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough emphasis on your plumbing. While leaky faucets and pipes are common, you most likely are not prepared for a burst pipe. Repairing or replacing a burst pipe can be costly. However, repairing the water damage to your...

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Prepping For Doomsday? You Need A Bunker! Here’s How To Install One In Your Backyard

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It only takes a bit of knowledge of what’s going on in the world today to come up with the idea that there may be an apocalypse in the near future. With religious conflicts, racial division, wars, proxy wars, outdated power grids, and worldwide financial instability, many people believe that doomsday is just around the corner. Some people call these conspiracy theories. You, however, see the possibilities of an apocalypse and want to be prepared. Having a substantial supply of food and water built up is one way to be prepared. But, none...

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3 Techniques Professionals Use To Perform Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

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Prior to the creation of non-invasive sewer replacement equipment, professionals had to dig out deep trenches to access lines in need of service. The trenches often went straight through well manicured lawns and garden beds that owners worked hard to maintain. Sewer lines running beneath established sheds, garages and additions posed an even bigger problem for homeowners looking for a quick fix. Luckily, there are a number of ways to perform simple repairs or replacements of broken pipes. Read on to learn more information. Pipe Lining Despite...

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5 Advantages Of Switching To LED Lightbulbs

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When you think of the word LED, the first things that come to your mind are probably screens or small indicator lights. However, LED lightbulbs exist and make for great home lighting. There are a number of ways in which LED lights win out over standard light bulbs.  Lack of Toxicity  LED lights do not require any toxic material in order to properly light your home. Compare this to compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, which utilize mercury in order to light up your room. Mercury within the lightbulb is not dangerous, but it can...

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3 Springtime Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Door

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It’s easy to think of your garage door as just another entrance to your home, but in reality, an electric garage door is a machine that needs maintenance at least once a year. What better time to perform garage door maintenance than the spring? A cold, icy winter is more likely to take a toll on your garage door than any other season, so checking up on the heath of your garage door once the temperatures start to rise only makes sense. Plus, you’re liable to be in the garage doing spring cleaning anyway. Take a look at a few...

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2 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Would Stop Doing

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As a homeowner, it isn’t always easy to know which problems you are causing and which ones you inherited along with the house. On your Saturday mornings, you might find yourself going through your place and repairing issues one at a time. However, if you make the wrong decisions regarding your plumbing system, you might create more problems than you solve. Here are two things your plumber wishes you would stop doing and why: 1: Cranking Up The Water Pressure Are you tired of watching water trickle out of your kitchen faucet? If you are...

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Laminated Safety Glass: The Reason Broken Windshields Don’t Often Cause Injuries

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If you’ve ever thrown a ball through a home window as a child, you’re probably aware of the danger that shards of glass present. Typical windows often break into dozens of these sharp, dangerous pieces that make cleaning up after an accident difficult. If you’ve experienced this, you might expect that auto accidents would result in a literal explosion of sharp projectiles lacerating everything in the area. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. That’s because auto glass is made out of laminated safety glass. To...

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How To Replace A Broken Window Pane In A Wooden Window

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The charm of an old-fashioned wooden window can add a lot of warmth to a home. However, as with a lot of things in older homes, wooden windows can present some significant challenges for homeowners. One of the trickiest repairs to make on an old window is replacing broken glass panes. In some cases, buying a new window may make the most sense depending on the age and condition of the old window. However, it is definitely possible to replace broken glass yourself; it takes patience and using the right tools and materials to be successful, but...

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